5 Dog Parks to visit in Washington D.C.

Washington DC has a wide variety of excellent dog parks. Let us recommend a few of our favorites!

Washington DC has a wide variety of excellent dog parks. Let us recommend a few of our favorites!

Dogs are active and social, which means they need time outside to burn energy and be around other dogs. For dog owners in Washington D.C., this is especially important. Dogs in a city environment rarely get the opportunity to run and explore. That is why dog owners should take time to learn about the best dog parks in the area. These dog parks can provide the outlet you and your dog need for a happy and active lifestyle. 

Shirlington Park

Shirlington Park is on Arlington Mill Drive in South Arlington. Your dog can get plenty of cardio in with the exercise run. This run is long, narrow and secure with a double-entry gate. There is a more intimate play area, which is sectioned off into spaces for small and large dogs. This open space has picnic tables and seating. Shirlington Park has ample coverage with shade trees, and canine visitors should not miss the small stream. This stream is located at the end of a path beyond the fence, and it is the perfect depth for frolicking dogs. To finish off the experience at this park, owners can take their dogs to a connected dog bath. This do-it-yourself facility allows you to clean off your four-legged friend after a romp. This dog park might be a little out of the way since is is located south of Arlington. Remember that Petish offers Dog Taxi services! So we could take your pup to check it out while you’re at work!

S Street Dog Park

This dog park is located near Dupont Circle on S Street at the 17th Street intersection. The S Street park is ideal for residents in Embassy Row or on Connecticut Avenue. One of the best features is its dog run. The run has been updated with antimicrobial turf instead of grass. This prevents digging, which can make a running path quite dangerous and dirty. The park also features an enclosed area for dogs to play without a leash. For water access, the park has a convenient fountain. While there are many things for your dog at the S Street Park, there are also options for owners. The park has lots of trees with benches in the shade. This makes it easy to relax while your dog plays.

Rosedale Conservancy

Rosedale Conservancy is another park in the northwest part of the city. This park, however, is located on Newark Street between 35th Street and 36th Street. Rosedale Conservancy is not exclusively a dog park. However, for several hours each day, dogs are given the freedom to run without a leash. Rosedale Conservancy is fenced in, and the grounds feature a historic farmhouse that dates back 260 years. The immaculate landscaping is meticulously maintained. While this is what draws people to Rosedale Conservancy, dogs are enthralled by the rolling hills and vibrant greenery. One thing to note about the Rosedale Conservancy that can be a deterrent for some people is that it is not a public park. For access, visitors must enroll as members before use. Your dog must also be registered. Although a fee is required for membership, it can be counted as a tax deduction because the Rosedale Conservancy is considered a nonprofit organization.

Shaw Dog Park

For sheer size, Shaw Dog Park is worth keeping in mind. This park is on 11th Street in the northwest section of the city in Logan Circle. It is designed specifically with dogs in mind. The park has a secure double gate, and there are amenities that every dog owner needs. Bags are on hand for disposal, and trash cans are everywhere. Water bowls are available to keep dogs cooled off and healthy. One of the best features of Shaw Dog Park is the lighting. Many people work long hours in the city, which can make it hard to find time to get out with your dog. Because Shaw Dog Park has lights, you can take your dog there after dark without any fear. The park also has an area specifically for small dogs. Owners will surely appreciate the tree coverage and benches.

Montrose Park

Montrose Park is located in Georgetown at the intersection of R Street and 32nd Street. Compared to other parks on this list, Montrose Park is not a dog park. Therefore, dogs must be on leashes at all times. While this may seem to make it less appealing, the scale and beauty of this particular park still give it a place on this list. There are many parks in the area, but the locals consider Montrose Park one of the best. To appeal to the community, Montrose Park has different regions. The playground equipment is perfect for children, and there are numerous picnic areas and short trails. Tennis courts are available as well. Surrounded by trees, this park feels secluded even though it is in the heart of the city. Although your dog must be on his or her leash, you will both enjoy a stroll through this beautiful park.