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Personalized Pet Sitting Services by Petish


As a conscientious pet owner, you do your best to be there for your cat, dog or other pet as much as possible. As a responsible person with other responsibilities to manage, however, finding quality time to spend with them can be easier said than done. While leaving them alone for short periods and boarding them for longer ones are viable options, they aren’t the only ones. For a homier, more personalized level of service, pet sitting services by Petish are the answer.

Let us introduce you to petish

Petish is your one-stop shop for all of your pet care needs. As a small, locally owned and operated business, we are uniquely capable of providing a personalized level of service that’s hard to find in today’s hectic world. Our owners and every member of our staff are loving pet owners themselves, so they understand that you are entrusting them with a piece of your heart. When it comes to finding care for your pet while you are away, our pet sitting services are second to none. 

Caring Employees Offer a Premier Pet Sitting Experience

There’s far more to caring for a pet while their owner is away than just peeking in to make sure that they are okay and have food and water. Sadly, however, many pet sitting services do little more than that. It’s different with Petish. We strictly hire caring, trustworthy pet sitters who have undergone extensive training in pet care. Our sitters have extensive experience in caring for pets of all kinds, and they are fully bonded and insured for their protection and for yours. Most importantly, our sitters truly love and enjoy spending time with pets.


What to Expect

It’s easy to assume that premier pet sitting services are a luxury that you can’t afford. However, Petish’s prices are designed to make this service accessible to anyone. Here’s what to expect in terms of pricing:

  • One visit per day - $22

  • Two visits per day - $40

  • Three visits per day - $60

  • Four visits per day - $80

  • Overnight stay, including morning and evening walks: $75

Dog Sitting Visits

What can you expect from the sitter who comes to watch and care for your dog while you are away? During their visit, our friendly pet sitting professional will find ways to engage with and care for your pet. This may include taking your dog for walks; letting them out in the yard; playing games with them; providing them with meals; light grooming; and even rewarding them with treats. Our services are customizable; just tell us what you need, and we will take it from there.

Cat Sitting Visits

Sitting for a cat is a bit different than sitting for a dog, but our pet sitters are just as happy to care for your feline friend as they are for any other pet. Cats may be a bit more self-sufficient than dogs, but they still require ongoing care and human interaction. Therefore, during a cat sitting visit, the sitter is likely to feed your cat; clean the cat’s litter box; play with your cat; lightly groom your cat; and give your cat treats. Again, since our services are customizable, just tell us what you need from us and you’ll be covered.

Benefits of Pet Sitting Services by Petish

There are lots of great reasons to turn to the caring experts at Petish for pet sitting services. This is a great alternative to boarding, which isn’t always necessary for shorter periods and the like. Unlike with boarding, your pet will be in a quiet, familiar place. In turn, they will be more comfortable during your absence and in a better frame of mind upon your return.

Of course, the benefits of our pet sitting services extend beyond just the pets themselves. By hiring us for pet sitting, you gain many great advantages as well. One thing that our clients especially love is that our sitters check on their homes while they are away too. Knowing that another set of eyes is at your place while caring for your cat or dog is a big relief, and it allows you to enjoy your time away more easily.

Get Started Today!

Although it would be wonderful, you can’t always be there for your pet. For times when you have too much to do to give your cat or dog the attention that they need, Petish’s pet sitting services are the way to go. Our friendly, pet-loving sitters will care for your pet as if it was their own, and we will work with you to ensure that you and your pet receive the levels of care and service that are needed and deserved. We’re ready whenever you are, so contact us today!

Cities Served:

Washington, DC