If you’re like us, you probably really appreciate the fact that DC is such a pet-friendly city. With so many trails and dog parks welcoming our furry friends, it’s easy to find beautiful places to walk Fido and ensure he gets the exercise he needs to stay healthy and happy. And let’s face it, dog walking can be a social event here in the DMV, too – just ask anyone frequenting Lincoln Park in the Eastern Market neighborhood after work! However, city life also means busy schedules and never enough time to accomplish everything on your to-do list. Why not let Petish ease your scheduling burdens? With our professional dog walking service, your pet is in reliable hands.

Why Choose Petish Dog Walker?

Do you tend to rely on family and friends when you need help with dog walking responsibilities? Do you also worry you’re putting them on the spot or overburdening them with this task? If so, consider the convenience of having a professional pet service like Petish on call whenever the need arises. We’re local, we’re animal lovers just like you, and it’s always our goal to deliver friendly, personalized service to you and your pet.

Entrust Your Pet with the Best washington dc has to offer

Do you get anxious just thinking about trusting someone else with your beloved pup’s well-being? We understand your apprehension, because we’re pet owners, too. This is why we go the extra mile to ensure that you – and your pet – are comfortable every step of the way. At Petish, our dog walkers are highly-trained and include close friends and trusted referrals. They genuinely love dogs and are excited for the opportunity to help your pet get the exercise and fresh air he or she needs.


Here’s What to Expect:

We believe in keeping our prices affordable and accessible to all pet owners, and we publish our rates up front so you won’t be surprised:

  • 15 minute dog walking session: $15

  • 20 minute dog walking session: $20

  • 30 minute dog walking session: $22

  • 45 minute dog walking session: $27

The above prices refer to a single dog, but we work to accommodate YOU! If you have more than one furry friend to walk, don’t worry – Petish can meet your needs. Simply add an extra $3 per pet to the above-listed prices.

What’s Included in a Walk?

You know your dog better than anyone else, including what makes for the most enjoyable walk. Depending on the length of the walk, your Petish professional will work to accommodate various needs, including:

  • 15-minute walk – A quick, in-and-out walk to allow the dog to use the potty and to get a little fresh air

  • 20-minute walk – In addition to the above, this walk might include some playing and some treats

  • 30 minutes or more – Walks of this duration are great for bigger, athletic dogs with lots of energy to burn

Our Service is Personalized – Every Time

One of the advantages of hiring Petish to walk your dog is that we provide a customized level of service that ensures your expectations are met and your pet’s needs are attended to. Before we take your pup for a walk, we’ll talk with you about all the details, including what we should expect from your pet. DO they need a grassy area to use the bathroom? Are they prone to chasing squirrels? We pay close attention to your dog’s personality and any special instructions, including preferred walking route, so that we can provide the very best experience for your furry friend.

Five Benefits of Petish’s washington dc Dog Walking Services

There are lots of advantages to hiring Petish to walk your dog, including:

·         We Come to You – There’s no need to deal with getting your dog into the car and navigating Dupont Circle at rush hour

·         Affordable Prices – If you’re comparison shopping (like any smart consumer does!) we believe you’ll find we have the best prices around

·         Flexibility – Our professional dog walkers can accommodate walks of many lengths and durations, and we work with you to provide customized services

·         Freedom – With Petish at your service, you’ll have more flexibility in how you spend your precious free time

·         Fun – You can rest easy knowing your dog is having a blast while under reliable, professional care

What Are You Waiting For?

If you’re struggling to find time to give your dog the walks that he or she needs to remain happy and healthy, or if you just need a little more flexibility in your hectic life, Petish’s affordable dog walking services are here to help. With our personalized level of service, you’re sure to find we can accommodate your pet’s needs. We’re ready when you are, so contact us today to get started!