Washington, DC is a fantastic place to be a pet owner, isn’t it? There’s so much variety when it comes to both recreation opportunities and lifestyles for people and their furry friends. But, let’s face it: the traffic is awful, getting anywhere by car can be stressful and the Metro is rife with spectacularly long and unexplained delays. The fact is, it’s hard enough to juggle your pet’s needs and all your other responsibilities without adding stressful pet transports to your day. Luckily, you don’t have to handle it all on your own! We offer a convenient and professional pet taxi service to help you cut down on the biggest stressor of living in DC – the traffic congestion!


We designed our services to deliver a customized experience for you and your pet, down to the exact level of care required to meet your pet’s specific needs. Just like any taxi service, we’ll ask you to schedule a pickup time and a drop-off location, and we’ll ask questions designed to ensure we meet your pet’s unique needs. Need to get your pup to a Noon play date at S Street Dog Park, or ensure your cat makes her monthly grooming appointment at Happy Paws in Georgetown? We’re here to help!

Getting Started is Easy:

1.       Simply send us an email describing your situation and your pet’s needs.

2.       We’ll provide a quote, based on factors like mileage, the size of your pet, the total number of pets, and whether your pet has any special needs.

3.       Get your pet ready for pickup at the designated time, and we’ll take it from there!

Get Your Pet Where They Need to Be – Safely!

Are you skeptical about using a pet concierge service? You’re not alone! If you’ve never tried a professional pet taxi before, you might be unsure whether it’s right for you. However, pet transports are useful for a number of reasons:

·         Getting your pet to an important veterinary appointment when your schedule is crazy

·         Bringing your furry friend to the groomer to save yourself valuable time

·         Transporting your cat or dog to a boarding facility when you’ll be away for an extended period

·         Transferring your pet from one house to another

Who Exactly Uses Pet Transport Services?

We know what you’re thinking: a professional pet transport service sounds like something only well-off pet owners use. The reality couldn’t be further from the truth! Pet owners just like you rely on our pet taxi service to make their hectic lives a little easier. 

Examples of people who use our service include:

·         Pet owners without consistent access to a car

·         City dwellers who would rather not take their pet on the Metro

·         Elderly pet owners who prefer not to drive

·         Busy professionals with hectic schedules and limited spare time

·         Parents with young children who struggle to travel with both kids and pets in tow

Why Choose Petish?

We’re pet owners ourselves, and we know you might feel anxious about entrusting us with your beloved furry friend. If you think you might be ready to give pet taxi services a try, consider two factors that set us apart from similar services:

Flexibility – Our services are all about you. We make it our goal is to accommodate your particular preferences and to cater to your pet’s unique needs. Does your pet have special needs? Our caring staff is trained to handle them. Do you need someone to wait for your pet at the groomer and bring them home again afterward? We’ve got you covered. Does your dog need a potty break during transport? We will happily pull over and walk them in a safe location. At Petish, we’re all about accommodating YOU.

Dependability – Since we’re pet owners too, we understand how scary it can be to entrust your dog or cat to someone new. We take pride in delivering a level of service that assures our clients their pets are in good hands, and we work to meet, and exceed, your expectations every time. Petish is fully licensed and bonded as required by law, so you can rest assured that your cat, dog or other pet will be in capable hands from start to finish.

Are you ready? Contact Us to Get Started with Petish Pet Taxis Today!

We’re here to help you! You don’t need to stress about traffic on I-95 while trying to get Fido to his vet appointment, or worry about making time to transport your cats to their boarding facility before leaving town. We’d love to help simplify your life, and we’ll happily answer any questions you may have, so feel free to give us a call. Get started by requesting a quote for our convenient and affordable pet taxi services today. We can’t wait to hear from you!